We use the latest technology to provide accurate prescriptions and thorough eye health evaluations. We take the time to explain our findings and work with you to create a plan to keep your eyes as healthy as possible. 

Contact Lenses

We fit standard contacts, colored contacts, astigmatism contacts, monovision contacts, bifocal contacts, and hard/rigid gas permeable contacts.  A glasses prescription is provided as well.

Specialty Contact Lenses

Medically necessary specialty contacts lenses are our specialty. We routinely fit contacts for patients with keratoconus, corneal transplants, post-LASIK and RK corneas, extremely high astigmatism and other conditions. We are a scleral lens sMAP3D Center of Excellence and are the only clinic in the state of Washington that can provide a completely custom-fitted scleral lens created through a corneal-scleral topographer.

Computer Vision 

Long hours on computers and phones can cause eye strain, blurred vision and headaches.  We provide practical solutions and best-in-class technology to get you working comfortably again.

Pediatric Exams

Pediatric exams have extra warmth, acceptance and a sense of playfulness that helps kids perform their best.  The result is an accurate evaluation that allows your child to see clearly and comfortably.


Cataract Exams

Even the best glasses won't provide clear vision if you have cataracts. Learn what they are, whether you have them, and the best treatment plan for you.


Diabetic Eye Exams

We are happy to work with your primary care physician or endocrinologist to ensure your vision remains as clear as possible.  


Dry Eye Exam

Find relief from red, gritty and burning eyes based on the latest research and technology to make your eyes feel better and stay healthy.


Eye Infections & Injuries

Get your eye treated by an eye expert.  We routinely treat red eyes, infected eyes, scratched eyes, allergic eyes and other eye conditions.  


Glaucoma Exam

Manage glaucoma with a doctor who takes the time to discuss your condition, explain the test results, and works with you to develop a customized treatment plan.


LASIK Consultation

Ready for freedom from glasses?  Or just have a few questions?  We work with the best surgeons to offer a wide range of options for vision correction surgery.