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  • How Long Can I Wear Scleral Lenses During the Day?
    There is no standard wear time. Some patients are able to comfortably wear their lenses a few hours at a time and others can wear them the entire day.
  • Should I Insert My Lenses Before or After I Apply My Make-Up?
    Before. Oils and creams can compromise the vision and comfort of your lenses.
  • My Vision Is Blurrier or Foggier Than Usual. What Can I Do To Make It Better?
    This is often caused by not having enough solution in the bowl of the lens. It is possible your face was not completely parallel to the floor and the saline spilled out before the lens reached your eye. Look for air bubbles beneath your lenses. If you see them, remove and reapply the lens. If you continue to encounter difficulty, contact us for help.
  • Why Do I Keep Getting Bubbles With Insertion?
    There may not be enough solution in the bowl of the lens. It is possible that you are not raising the applicator straight up into the eye and the saline is spilling out before the lens reaches your eye. Contact us if you need help with lens insertion.
  • My Eyes Are Red When I Have My Lenses In. What Can I Do?
    Note any associations and how quickly they turn red. Make an appointment with your doctor to evaluate the lenses and limit the lens wear until your exam.
  • Can I Use a Soft Contact Lens Multi-Purpose Solution to Rinse and Clean My Lenses?
    No. Scleral lenses are made out of different materials and require different solutions to fuction properly. Use the cleaning solution recommended by your doctor.
  • Can I Use Tap Water To Rinse My Lenses?
    No. This may introduce bacteria to your lenses, which is especially risky because the liquid in the bowl touches your eye throughout your entire wear time. Also, tap water can strip special coatings on your lenses that increase comfort and optimize your vision.
  • My Eyes Feel Dry. What Can I Do to Lubricate Them When I'm Wearing My Lenses?
    Preservative free artificial tears can be used throughout the day. Some people find adding 1-2 drops of preservative free artificial tears into the lens bowl before application increases their comfort.
  • Can I Shower With My Lenses?
    Avoid showering with lenses because shower water is not sterile and could introduce bacteria into your eyes.
  • Can I Swim With My Lenses? Hot Tubs? Lakes? Oceans?
    No. Any body of water can be a breeding ground for bacteria which can lead to infection. If you accidentally swim with your lenses, remove them immediately, clean them, disinfect them and reapply them with fresh solution.
  • Can I Sleep With My Lenses? What About Naps?
    No. Sleeping with your lenses deprives your eyes of oxygen and will cause swelling of your corneas. You will likely wake up with blurry vision and uncomfortable eyes. It also significantly increases your risk of infection.
  • How Long Will My Scleral Lenses Last?
    With normal wear and tear, most lenses last about 1-2 years. Over time, lenses develop microscratches and warpage that will compromise your vision and comfort.

Scleral FAQ's

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