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Scleral Lens Guide

We have the know-how you need.

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Learn more about

Scleral lenses

These 100% custom lenses have helped those with special vision conditions such as Keratoconus and we are proud to be leaders in this modern technology.

Guide to inserting lenses

A step-by-step guide will show you the proper way to insert scleral lenses and provide time saving tips.

Guide to removing lenses

Take the guess work out of the removal process so that you are removing your scleral lenses safely.

Take care of your lenses

Knowing how to properly clean and store your lenses is essential for the health of your eyes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to questions you may have concerning your scleral lenses. 


What people are saying

There's a reason why patients tell us their scleral lenses have changed their lives.

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